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Checklist of items needed upon application submission:

  • 2 letters of recommendation.  Acceptable sources:  Academic, employment, extracurricular, church, counselor. No parent or family member recommendations, please.
  • Current  high school transcripts (official copy)
  • Letter verifying the diagnosis of Tourette’s by neurologist, psychiatrist, or other medical professionals.
  • Hard copy of essay written online

New  Applicant Eligibility

  • First time enrolling in post-high school education.
  • Diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome by any professional.   (ie. psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, physician)  
  • US Citizen.
  • Submit application by the deadline posted.
  • California residents are given priority.
  • Enrolled in an accredited school at the time of scholarship disbursement.

A committee composed of members of the STS Board of Directors will make the selection of the scholarship winners. The scholarship will be awarded to  4 applicants who, in the opinion of the committee, are most worthy of an award based on a brief essay, scholastic record, improvement in GPA overall, future promise and financial need.