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By aligning our organization with like-minded individuals and organizations, we fundraise to give a monetary award to students with Tourette Syndrome. Donations go directly to students because all our dedicated professionals volunteer their time and efforts. We take pride in our Platinum participation level as Guidestar rated non-profit. 
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Board members and advisors who share the vision
Students challenged with Tourette Syndrome face many difficulties as they develop into adults. Our vision is to help those with this neuro-developmental disorder by educating the public with outreach, advocating for their needs and fostering a desire to continue with secondary education. Tourette Syndrome is a spectrum disorder that is characterized by noises and movements that are not controllable. Other symptoms not as apparent are OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, rage, learning disorders, and more.

Join us as we raise funds for students 


Fall 2016 2, $1000 scholarships were given

Fall 2017 4, $1000 scholarships were given 

Our goal is to give additional scholarships, increase the award amount and continue to help youth and young adults with Tourette Syndrome succeed.

Our Mission is to provide scholarships to students with Tourette Syndrome 

Scholarships are made possible through donations, fundraising and grants. Fall 2018 scholarships are provided for by all of our supporters including the BCTF, Brian Burns #ticcingawaythemiles, and Disney VoluntEARS. 


Together we can make a difference


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Educating others about Tourette Syndrome in schools and the community by any method.

We have been featured on the radio, participated in school in-services and attended conferences.